Nossa Senhora da Guia Church

The Nossa Senhora da Guia Church is in the Barra Grande district, built in the early seventeenth century. The Dutch accounts inform that this church was built to pay a promise made by Portuguese seafarers who were adrift and promised to the saint Nossa Senhora da Guia that they would build a church for her on the first hill they saw if they managed to reach dry land, and so they did.

Santo Antônio Parish

The City of Maragogi is also known by the faith and tradition of its inhabitants, which according to history data, dates back the seventeenth century.

The history of the people begins with the devotion to São Bento. Right after the foundation of the city, the devotion to Santo Antônio–the city’s patron saint–grew as well.

The parish reached 300 years of existence in 2018. It has three pastoral areas. The evangelization work in the rural area is outstanding as well, where the everyday country lifestyle joins the expression of a faithful people.