Scuba Diving


Have you ever thought of exploring the bottom of the sea? How about scuba diving in one of Brazil’s largest Marine Protection Areas–Costa dos Corais–and also visiting coral reefs? In Maragogi, you can enjoy all of this and much more! We have diving activities for beginners and certified scuba divers. We have world-class certified scuba diving schools and services, offering courses and special activities, in addition to scuba diving.


Performed in the natural pools (Galés, Taocas and Barra Grande). This scuba diving is for beginners wanting to have their first contract with the bottom of the sea. It is very simple, recommended for children over 5 years old.

Baptism and Certified Scuba Divers

For beginners and scuba divers with international certification. This scuba diving is performed in open or sheltered sea, depending of the certification level of the diver, on specific sites of Maragogi.

Night Diving

Scuba diving at night, when the sea displays its beauties. Performed on specific sites of Maragogi.

Fotos: Juan Manuel Loureiro