Natural pools


The city’s main landmark, the natural pools are actual wonders of nature. As they are part of the Costa dos Corais Environmental Protection Area (APA), there are rules to enter these sites. For purposes of coral reef protection and tourist safety, the visitations are performed in accordance with the tide tables, lasting about two and a half hours. The maximum level allowed to go to the natural pools is tide until 0.6. Watch out for the rules to enjoy them safely and take part in environmental conservation. There may be inspections by the Navy, the ICMBio and/or the Local Environment Office during the visitations, in order to check the vessel documentation and the compliance with the rules of APA Handling Plan. There are four natural pools with visitation allowed.


The most famous in Maragogi, due to its unique beauty and the great diversity of species, and because it was the very first natural pool with tourism purposes. Its maximum number of visitors is 720 people a day.


Unquestionably beautiful, it is close to Galés. Its maximum number of visitors is 426 people a day.

Barra Grande

Home for several fish species like "sargentinho", the Barra Grande pool is the one with the lowest level of water during the low tide. Its reefs are impressive because of their beauty and uniqueness. Up to 426 visitors a day are allowed.

Ponta de Mangue

Opened in 2018, the Ponta de Mangue natural pool has the Community-Based Tourism as its most distinguished difference. Visitations are made on small rafts driven by local dwellers. 180 visitors a day are allowed.